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April 2023
To See or NOT to SEE… Attracting the Same Type of Issues & People 

This Insightful Article is about the Puppeteers and Troublesome Circumstances we continuously tend to attract into our lives.  Read More... 

March 2023
My Life Through Cookbooks

We loved this short & sweet yet fun and insightful video about the experience of decluttering all those cookbooks we have collected over the years. Any woman can relate to it and hopefully will then take a look at their own personal cookbook journey and experience memories of times gone by too.  View it Now... 

Shared from WOW Gal Sponsor Mind over Clutter's Youtube Channel
February 2023
When Stress and Anger Affect Your Business

We recognize that anger is an emotion that is part of the human construct. It will not go away, and it is not something that should be ‘managed' Read More... 

January 2023 

Procrastination – Beating the Laziness Factor!

“I need help to beat my laziness,” said my client. “I spent all weekend responding to comments on Facebook,” she said, “and it was the one weekend when I should have done my school project.  And now I’m upset, there is no way to make up for the lost time. The weekend is over, and the project is due.” Read More...