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December 2022
“WHOO-HOO – ING,” in The New Year, with a SMILE!

Move over misery. “haha” Happiness may love company even more. Read More... 

November 2022
Now Is The Time...

As we watch high profile people fall and acts of abuse are exposed on a monumental scale, what is our personal response?  How do we take what is happening and become better human beings?  Read More... 

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October 2022
A perfect marriage between the past and the future

I love watching heritage pieces transform into something different, something modern. The resulting artifact is so whimsical and beautiful to look at, like a perfect marriage between the past and the future. 

The fact that it’s the “green” thing to do, is just a plus point. Instead of disposing of a piece, when you recycle it to something else, not only are you making it that much more special, but you’re making mama Earth happy as well!  Read More... 

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September 2022
I Was a Child Once... How About YOU?

Looking back over my childhood I can remember numerous things I perceived were said or done “to me”. While they seemed trivial and insignificant to the other person(s) involved, they played major roles in my life decisions and direction because of their impact on me at the time...  Read More... 

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August 2022
God is on the Bathroom Floor... (Keep the tissues close by for this post)

As death comes closer and closer for her... Jane shares one of her authentic experience with us.  Read More... 

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July 2022
10 Tips to help keep your home organized when kids are out of school...

Putting some planning into the time when your children are out of school will make life at home easier.  Read More... 

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June 2022
Angels... What is your task with us on earth?

"We are to answer here … We are assigned the task of assistance and guidance in all areas of your life. Read More... 

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May 2022
How to Break Out of the Vicious Cycle...

Are you repeating the same damn thing over and over? Do you have a terrible, weird, annoying situation constantly repeating? You keep changing jobs, relationships, places to live, only to notice that you again have the same problem?   Read More...

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April 2022
Open Your Energy Guided Meditations 

Get to that place where you can just REST, BE  or even gently fall asleep if needed with any of these 5+ FREE  meditations.   View Here...

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March 2022
How to Make a KILLER Self-Tape on a Budget. 

Even before the pandemic hit, more and more casting directors have been asking for self-tape auditions. This video with Krystina Alabado shares what equipment to snag, where to place your reader, how to angle your shot, and more to help you make a KILLER self-tape on your budget.  View Video...

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February 2022
What is in a Birthday? 

Your Birth-Day is the day, when you have decided to separate from the rest of the universe, to make it on your own. 

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 January 2022 
How to Raise Your Vibration Physically

Start of the year with a stronger physical vibration... View Video Now...

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