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March 2024
When Grief Comes Knocking, answer the door. Let Her In. 

Let her tell you all that was lost. Let her remind you how marvelous it was. Let her paint your memories in slow motion, let her sing your story with a cello. Let her teach you gratefulness and how to pay attention. Do not turn her away at the door. If you do, she will come back again knocking. Read More... 

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February 2024 
A Path To Better Mental Health 

We can all agree that accomplishing our goals is a big challenge for most people. Now imagine going through your journey while struggling with mental health issues.  Read More... 

January 2024 
Mindful Kids: The Simple Joys and Big Benefits of Meditation for Children 

Growing up can be exciting, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. Just like adults, kids can feel stressed or worried. That’s where meditation comes in – a superpower for little minds! Let’s explore how meditation can make a big difference in children’s lives Read More... 

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