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IRIDOLOGY reveals our constitutional strength and weaknesses, imbalances of the body, our nutritional needs as well as locating areas of toxic accumulation. Iris analysis shows changes in tissue long before clinical signs develop. By gaining awareness into what health issues you are genetically or environmentally predisposed to, what nutrients you are missing that can be added or replaced. Making these changes with dedication and commitment can lead to a healthier YOU. Find out more about Iridology...

Shared by AnnaMarie Warriner, Let the Healing Begin 


Our Angels communicate with us using our SIX Senses.  Touch, Smell, Vision, Hearing, Taste, Intuition. Select one of the 6 senses for your Angels to access or use when connecting with you. Follow these steps to set up an Angel Alert...

 Excerpt from Gloria MessengerThe Angel Messenger's Article Are You Ready to Discover Something Empowering?


Bring Your Adrenals and Chakra Energy Centres into the Present. In order for you to be relaxed internally, with the Autonomic Nervous System balanced, your chakra system has to be adjusted to the day you are in, not stuck somewhere in the past or future. do this Exercise NOW.

An Entry by Sue London, Speaker, Trainer, Author, Radio Show Host Ask Sue London


 *Space is very much like our relationship with people. When we are aware of the needs within this relationship we are then able to create balance, beauty, purpose, and respect  that will nurture and support us.  Feng Shui is the practice of introducing you to these needs that will enhance your good fortune, health and happiness.*

An Entry by Ginette HunterCertified Feng Shui Practitioner & Owner of Harmony in Design

 AUGUST 2013 

A remarkable thing happens when you feel good about yourself. You gain the power to succeed. When you surround yourself with men and women who share your positive attitude, it becomes easier to maintain a good self image and the positive results that come with it.

An Excerpt from Kathyrn Kimmins Website, Laugh YOURSELF Healthy!

  JULY 2013 

"Music that nurtures your soul, melding the healing sounds of crystal singing bowls with powerful positive mantras and poetry to awaken the divine in you." A labor of love in honor of spirit and in devotion to life, Victoria's music is a soothing blend of traditional and ethnic sounds attuned for the modern ear to relax, empower, and uplift.

An Excerpt from Victoria Vives Blog Message, Music that Nutures Your Soul

 JUNE 2013 

What is your passion? Is your mind clear enough to see it, feel it and follow it? It is so important to keep your mind clear. A clear mind can focus on the vision and goals of your passion and allow you to be open to receiving these opportunities. Meditate, pray, listen to soft inspirational music. Classical or meditative music slows the brainwaves so that you can think and be open.  

An Excerpt from Rosemary Evangelista's Women Empowered Magazine Message, The Return to Innocence

MAY 2013 

 Do you see crying as a sign of weakness? In my experience, a woman may seem vulnerable by coming to tears in the first few minutes of handling conflict then look out! Whether she stands firm or leaves the room until she has recovered she will become a stronger, clear thinking woman with the exact words or action necessary to get her thoughts across or needs met.  It can even give her the strength necessary to leave an unhealthy relationship, workplace or situation.

An Excerpt from Carolyn Shannon's Lighten Up Article, "Go Ahead, Cry?"


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