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 January 2014

Individual change, facing everything that has been your fear or avoidance is part of the universal flow to set things into the vibrational motion they need to be in.  Whatever you have not yet accepted or invited in, that which is blocking or stopping you from moving forward, will need to be addressed and reached.

Shared by Future WOW Gal Debbie Anderson, Vibrational Energy Blog

 February 2014

Being organized is not about being perfect.  Anyone can learn to be more organized.  It is a set of skills that can be taught.  Organization creates efficiency and effectiveness, making your life and surroundings perform optimally for you.  When you start organizing remember these tips: Read More

Shared by WOW Gal Sponsor Julie Stobbe, Mind over Clutter Blog

March 2014 

Find Your Inner Strength! It’s been there all along. We are so much more than the sum of our parts or lack of them. I remember following an accident in ’87 when it looked like my leg was going to be amputated. How little that leg defined me. There is something so much greater within the human spirit that rises above it all. Read More…

An Excerpt from WOW Gal Alison Heath’s Blog  

April 2014  

Learn how to go inside because THE MAGIC IS WITHIN: Your answers, peace, power, self-love, self-appreciation and self-forgiveness are within.  Stop waiting for others to tell you how magnificent you are.  Believe it for yourself and about yourself.  Change your “not good enough voice” and awaken to the potential and possibilities within.  You are the only one that can rescue yourself and hold the key to your abundance and happiness. Read more…

An Excerpt from WOW Gal Pat Hasting’s Blog

May 2014  

 Have you ever had the experience of missing something in plain sight?  It happens all the time, naturally.  You didn’t see the sign that you clearly passed and missed a turn, you can’t find the remote lying in plain view because it is not in its usual place. Read more…

An Excerpt from WOW Gal Cindy Hudson’s Blog   

  June 2014

Reiki is a form of Energy Healing and it works because everything, without exception, is Energy.  If you are experiencing issues surrounding money, it is due to an underlying imbalance or blockage in your energetic system.  Money Reiki serves to CLEAR and STRENGTHEN your energetic system in the area of money.

An Excerpt from WOW Gal Amy Flynn’s Website

July 2014  

Humorous health terms and terminology is a collection of word games using health terminology just for fun. A collection of humorous health term pranks to put a smile on your face, it's all just for fun.  Seriously, laughter has been shown to reduce stress and enhance healing, so enjoy! Read them now

An Excerpt from WOW Gal Diane McLaren’s Website  

August 2014  

The firefly shines from the inside out, showing us that the beauty within us can inspire and motivate us if we accept and embrace it.  They, like us can be the strand of hope when everything feels impossible illuminating the way out of the darkness into the light. Read More...

An Excerpt from Wow Gal Debbie Anderson’s Blog 

September 2014 

Text messaging is rapidly increasing around the world. We are becoming a species of thumb typers. The following three tips will help you speed things up and save you from possible musculoskeletal disorders that can be caused by long term texting.

An Excerpt from Wow Gal Sponsor Wendy A Harrison’s Blog 

 October 2014 

Try a healing high vibration bath: Have you ever come home from a hectic day at work or a stressful situation and just wanted to jump into the shower or slip into a warm bath to “wash your worries away”? Why do we gravitate to water to ease our worries? Perhaps it’s because Read More Tips on Raising YOUR Vibration...

An Excerpt from Wow Gal Dawn James’s Blog 

 November 2014 

People are so happy and proud of themselves when they are experiencing success in their lives. They even believe that they were the source of it. People think it was them who created every success in their lives, when really they were GUIDED all along...

 An Excerpt from Wow Gal Linda Deir's James’s Blog 

 December 2014 

Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us...

An Excerpt from Wow Gal Lindy Teft’s Blog 


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