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April 2021

Is Passion Important? Think about it! How do you feel when you have little or no passion for your life? 

First off, let me explain, that when I say passion I am talking about Zest for… your job, your relationship, your life.

What is life like when you feel stuck in a situation that you can see no way out of. Read More...

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March 2021

Go Ahead, Cry!  When was the last time you had a GOOD cry? Not one of those almost cries that you stuff back down to join all the other almost cries you have had over the long haul. I am talking about a cry you let loose and allow to literally flow until the last drop. What is stopping you? Read More...

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February 2021
Strengthen Your Relationship With Money with Money Reiki Healing.  Reiki is a form of Energy Healing and it works because everything, without exception, is Energy.  If you are experiencing issues surrounding money, it is due to an underlying imbalance or blockage in your energetic system. Read More

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January 2021
Without doubt, this has been the craziest year, a year that really defies definition. As we near the start of 2021, I find myself reflecting not only on this year but on my life. I always feel as if I should be doing more ....  Read More

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