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June 2018
4 Tips to Help You Start Organizing Your Living Room  
Living rooms can have many purposes.   1. Decide what your living room will be used for and create areas for each activity – watching TV, listening to music, reading, entertaining, office/desk work, or relaxingRead More...

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May 2018
The Root of Fears & How to Overcome Them. If we want to live fully and live in a liberated way, and not a constricted way, the following questions should guide us into serious contemplation and thorough examination on a regular basis, as we become aware of each of our fears and inhibitions: Read More...

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April 2018
Love is energy... Love is a gift.  Simple Feng Shui adjustments in your home's energy can make Love & Romance come into your life or amplified the Love already there. Read More...

March 2018 
Each of us has the responsibility to dig deep and examine how we are treating others. Are we compassionate?  Do we stand up for those without a voice?  Do we speak up when we know an injustice is being served?  Do we use others to feel better about ourselves? Do we compare and judge others to feel superior or be victims? Read More...

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February 2018 
The Fear of Success: Where Might It Have Come From? From the moment we came out of the womb if not earlier we learned how to become fearful. Even the most fearless of us were soon convinced not to trust our own instincts over those of Read More...

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January 2018 
The "map" is NOT the TERRITORY!  People respond and make choices according to how they perceive the world and NOT necessarily the absolute reality. Our perception of reality IS our own version of it and is our "map". Read More...

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