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 January 2015

Just this one time, I'm going to eat a healthy meal. I don't know what will happen when I might be too tired to resist the fast food, but just this one time, I'm going to nourish by body with nutrient rich foods. You may not always do everything, but just this one time you can do something.

Shared by WOW Gal Sponsor Daryl WoodWomen's Wisdom Retreats Blog

February 2015 

Making your home beautiful is easy when you have the know-how. Here are some videos that will help you do just that from an Expert who simplifies it for you.

Shared by WOW Gal & WOW Sponsor Luisa GiaitzisAboluteSimplicity

March 2015 

Everyone has challenges and negatives in life.  We all have our shadows and voices.  I know that because you are human. Past experiences and environmental programming have left a residue in you that can continue to affect your quality of life and your ability to be the amazing person you are meant to be. Read More...

Shared by WOW Gal Cindy Hudson's  Red Hot Living Blog

April 2015  

Buying a house in the city or suburbs can be complicated enough, but buying a cottage or vacation property outside of town requires even more due diligence. In town, you probably wouldn’t ask if the water coming out of the tap is drinkable. Nor would you wonder if the plumbing was hooked up to the sanitary sewer.  But these are exactly the sorts of questions you should ask when buying a cottage, plus a few more... Read more

Shared by WOW Gal Janice Campopiano'Royal LePage Realty Blog 

May 2015  

Never say diet, always think lifestyle. I am going to start with little more as this is key knowledge to get down deep. Without this perspective I suggest you may be setting yourself up for an unreachable and unsatisfactory is a relaxation toward self, renewed energy and an ease of movement you seek. Read More.     

Shared by WOW Gal & Sponsor Katherine Marguerite Rushton (Vanderzwet) BE Well And Blessings Blog

 June 2015 

Do you believe in divine intervention? That someone, or something, outside of this realm, is watching out for your safety? How do you explain the occurrence where a stranger grabbed you and pulled you back a moment before you would have stepped off the curb and been killed by a speeding car? While this is an example of intervention by another person saving your life, most observers would explain it as... Read More.

Shared by WOW Gal Linda Deir's Blog

July 2015 

Dogs Sensing Good Vibes: What we can learn from our 4 legged friends

Dogs, like humans, have five basic senses –- sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing.  Dogs have an additional sense, as they can feel energy on higher frequencies. It is called universal sense. Dogs have the ability to feel the energy around them.  There is a probably a reason that makes dogs man’s best friend. You cannot hide the way you feel from a dog, as you would with humans. They interpret human emotions such as Read More

Shared from WOW Gal Elizabethe Vicks's Newsletter

 August 2015

Be Rich in Any Climate: The secret to being rich lies in remembering that friendships are priceless, time is invaluable, health is wealth, and love is a treasure... Read More

Shared from WOW Gal Debbie Anderon's Blog

September 2015 

There is a growing popular movement in our world today called “minimalism”, and while many parts of my life may reflect it, I prefer to call how I choose to live voluntary simplicity. Just as it implies, voluntary simplicity is consciously chosen, and does not mean living in a state of deprivation, lack, or poverty. Rather, it is...Read More  

Shared from WOW Gal Evita Ochel's Blog

October 2015  

Fear of Success….Where did it come from? From the moment we came out of the womb if not earlier we learned how to become fearful. Even the most fearless of us were soon convinced not to trust our own instincts over those of our parents, teachers, or bosses. Then as we started to succeed… Read More 

Shared from WOW Gal Carolyn Shannon's Article 


November 2015  

Grocery Warning! How to recognize and avoid the groceries that cause cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol... Read More...(Large File Download)

Shared by WOW Gal & Sponsor AnnaMarie Warriner, Let the Healing Begin 

December 2015 

We are made up of many aspects; one that is very willing to serve us in the planning and organisational activities in our practices is the inner enlightened Business Manager. This short meditation will help you locate and establish a connection so you can call on this inner aspect to begin integrating and adding value to your authentic self. 

Shared by WOW Gal & Sponsor Moira Bush, International Colour Therapist 

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