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January 2017 

Cleaning, Clearing, Ha Ha Ha!  My spring cleaning came after the first day of summer this year. While starting was something I dreaded I finally had the time, opportunity and energy aligned to clear, clean and re-organize one weekend. While unable to go through my whole home, inside and out, the 75% I did get to left me feeling…LIGHTER, both physically and emotionally. To help myself get into the mood and keep the momentum going I always try to make it fun. You can too! How you ask?...  Read More 

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February 2017
Start before you quit!  One of the key issues with entrepreneurs is that they make a million plans, but they just don't take that first step to get started on their plan. Sometimes it's money that blocks us Read More...

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March 2017
How Can You Help Your Grieving Pet? Yes pets grieve other family pets. Discover the Symptoms of a grieving pet as well as Practical & Rational ways you can help your furry friend through the loss of a housemate. Read More...

Shared from WOW Gal Marybeth Haines Blog
April 2017
Detaching from the Outcome: Most of us want instant answers. Sometimes we get them, but often we have to wait. Learning to trust God’s timing is not easy business. Learning to accept that everything is in perfect divine order is what keeps me in peace. Read More...

Shared from WOW Gal Pat Hastings Blog
May 2017
When we become ungrounded, we have nowhere to send stressful daily occurrences or the energy from those situations. So what happens, what are the signs? Plus a grounding meditation. Read More...

Shared from WOW Gal Sarah Granahan's Blog
June 2017
Muscle testing is used to test for beliefs on the subconscious level and can determine nutritional supplements that your body needs. By testing before and after a session/series of supplements, we can make sure beliefs have indeed changed View Video on 2 ways to do Muscle Testing on yourself...

Shared from WOW Gal Dr Joanne Perkin's Video
July 2017
5 Tips for Keeping Your Vehicle Organized: Vehicles are used as mobile offices, restaurants, entertainment centers, locker rooms and homework stations.  Keeping a car clean can be easy.  Here are 5 tips to help you organize your vehicle... 

Shared by WOW Gal Sponsor Julie StobbeMind over Clutter Blog
August 2017
3 Tips for Better Text Messaging: Text messaging is rapidly increasing around the world. We are becoming a species of thumb typers. The following three tips will help you speed things up and save you from possible musculoskeletal disorders that can be caused by long term texting. Read More…

Shared by WOW Gal Sponsor Wendy Arleen HarrisonBlog
September 2017
Are You Holding the Energy of Freaky Lack? Check in with yourself honestly. Right now.  Are you holding the energies of panic, "freaked out" or feeling lack (It's missing, where is it? When is it coming?)  Read More...

Shared by WOW Gal Amy Flynn in her Blog 
October 2017
Lack of Decision: When you become aware of the fears that are holding you back you can reframe that fear strategy into a positive strategy that work’s for you. Remember, at one time fear strategy worked for you and you have simply outgrown it, therefore need to let it go for something that works better for you. To reframe an outdated strategy/belief Read More...

Shared by Future WOW Gal Elizabeth Rentz in her Blog 
November 2017
Self Healing: Is it possible? We shared this Free Healing Hands video meditation with you in 2014 and wanted you to know there was a downloadable mp3 version for you to listen to anytime you wish to go this AMAZING meditation for self healing. Use along with traditional and other holistic treatment programs. It can ONLY help YOU!  Download it Here...

Shared by WOW Gal & Sponsor Gloria MessengerThe Angel Messenger
December 2017
The Great Divide: Today's households have TVs and computers and devices in every room. We download our favourite shows and watch them by ourselves. This is a phenomenon called the Digital Divide. How do we bring the Power of Community into our lives with our children, our teenagers with the least amount of resistance? View Video Now

Shared by WOW Gal & Sponsor Odette Laurie

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