May 2019
A Heart Centered Approach to Insects: (EXCELLENT Information for this season)

This video is about a more holistic, sustainable, conscious, heart-centered approach to dealing with insects

April 2019
ME Therapy:

Due to a recent power outage I realized more deeply that our world is designed to take us away from ourselves. So many distractions, so little time. Read More...

March 2019

3 Reasons Why Grief is So Challenging: 

Most people have no concept of the overpowering nature of grief until they face it on a personal level. They most likely encountered family or friends who were grieving and wondered why Read More... 

Shared from WOW Gal & Sponsor Tammy Adam's Health Blog

February 2019

How to Get Healthy Gums:  

A simple oil pulling technique that removes toxins from gums and whole body. View Video...

Shared from WOW Gal Alison Heath's Blog

January 2019

How to Pray and Get Results: 10 Tips to have your prayers answered.

1. BE SPECIFIC: Be clear about what you want. God may be waiting for you to ask for what you want.

2. EXPECT AN ANSWER: God answers all prayers. It’s easier to hear and see God’s answers when you are expecting and trusting that you will hear from Him. Learn to go within for guidance and answers. . Read More...

Shared from WOW Gal & Sponsor Pat Hastngs' Article